The Secret Wife of Aaron Burr

The Secret Wife of Aaron Burr

by Susan Holloway Scott (Author), Kirsten Potter (Narrateur)
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Eug+®nie Bearhani (1760-1835) was born in Calcutta, raised in Haiti, and brought as a servant--a free woman of color--to America by an English officer on the eve of the American Revolution. Yet none of that prepared Eug+®nie for her next employer: Colonel Aaron Burr, a man some whispered had made a pact with the devil.

The lines between master and servant soon tangle and blur, and first attraction becomes dangerous obsession. Many historians deny she even existed, but Eug+®nie and the children she bore to Burr were very real--and so was her little-known marriage to America's first true villain.

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December 24, 2019
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