American Blonde

American Blonde

de Jennifer Niven (Auteur), Laura Hicks (Narrateur)
Prêts illimités, Un à la fois

A fearless and spirited pilot conquers Hollywood. Now canshe survive movie stardom?

In 1945 Velva Jean Hart is a bona fide war heroine. After anewsreel film of her triumphant return to America, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer promisesto make her a star. They give her a new life story and a brand-new name. As"Kit Rogers," she navigates the movie sets, recording sessions, parties, stagedromances, and occasional backstabbing that accompany her newfound fame. Shealso navigates real-life romance, finding herself caught between a charismaticyoung writer and a sexy and enigmatic musician from her past. But when one ofher best friends dies mysteriously and the most powerful studio in the worldlaunches a cover-up, Velva Jean goes in search of the truth--risking her ownlife, as well as her heart, in the process.

Set during Hollywood's golden age and peopled with a cast ofunforgettable characters, American Blonde will mesmerize readers of TheChaperone as well as fans of the Velva Jean series.

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29 juillet 2014
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