Classic Radio's Greatest Comedy Shows, Vol. 3

Classic Radio's Greatest Comedy Shows, Vol. 3

by Black Eye Entertainment (Author), various performers (Narrateur)
unlimited loans, One at a time

The golden age of radio had incredible comedy shows that kept Americans in stitches for decades. Families gathered around their living room radios to be entertained by the greatest names in Hollywood each and every day. This collection includes Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, Eve Arden as Connie Brooks on Our Miss Brooks, Jim & Marian Jordan in Fibber McGee & Molly, William Bendix as Chester A. Riley on The Life of Riley, Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Fred Allen, Bing Crosby, Groucho Marx, Ann Sothern as Maisie, Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll in Amos 'n' Andy and many more!


The Abbott & Costello Show, "Costello in a School Play" (16 Nov 1944)

The Adventures of Maisie, "Killer Diller" (4 Oct 1951)

The Aldrich Family, "Mary's Marriage" (7 Oct 1948)

The Amos 'n' Andy Show, "The Rare Nickel" (16 Jan 1949)

The Burns & Allen Show, with guest Robert Montgomery (7 Apr 1949)

Duffy's Tavern, with guest Chester Morris (11 May 1949)

Father Knows Best, "Aunt Martha Visits" (26 Apr 1951)

The Fred Allen Show, with guest Bing Crosby (23 May 1948)

Fibber McGee & Molly, "Otis Cadwallader is in Town" (6 Oct 1942)

The Great Gildersleeve, "Women's Club Speaker" (17 Jan 1943)

The Jack Benny Program, "On Train to Hollywood" (25 Jan 1948)

The Life of Riley, "Riley, the Cop" (11 Oct 1947)

The Milton Berle Show, "A Salute to Income Tax" (9 Mar 1948)

My Friend Irma, "Seeing a Ghost" (16 Jun 1953)

Our Miss Brooks, "Driving to Football Game" (31 Oct 1948)

You Bet Your Life, "Secret Word: Paper" (3 Mar 1954)

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