The 2nd New & Old Time Radio Collection

The 2nd New & Old Time Radio Collection

by Joe Bevilacqua (Author), Donnie Pitchford (Author), Charles Dawson Butler (Author), Alan Reed (Author), William Melillo (Author), Charlie Morrow (Author), Victor Gates (Author), Ralph Tyler (Author), Anton Chekhov (Author), Pedro Pablo Sacristán (Author), Jim Nixon (Author), Mitchell Pearson (Author), Bob Martin (Author), Justin Felix (Author), Various Authors (Author), a full cast (Narrateur), Lorie Kellogg (Narrateur), Alan Reed (Narrateur), Kenny Savoy (Narrateur), Jim Folly (Narrateur), Vernon Morris (Narrateur), Henry J. Quinn (Narrateur), Jan Meredith (Narrateur), Roger Hendricks Simon (Narrateur), Matty O’Shea (Narrateur), Alison Nead (Narrateur), Rick Ramos (Narrateur), Aundrae Dair (Narrateur), Cathi Tully (Narrateur), Thomas Babkowski (Narrateur), Orson Welles (Narrateur), Howard Koch (Narrateur), James Patrick Cronin (Narrateur), John Houseman (Narrateur), Peter Navargic (Narrateur)
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A tribute to the golden age of radio from veteran producer Joe Bevilacqua and comic strip artist Donnie Pitchford, The 2nd New & Old Time Radio Collection is a series of new stories and parodies featuringbeloved radio characters and shows.

A Joe Bev AudioTheater Sampler, Volume 1

This half-hour anthology represents more than forty years ofstorytelling by Joe Bevilacqua, a.k.a Joe Bev, the award-winning actor, writer,producer, and director. Each half-hour is beautifully produced with original acast of professional actors, sound effects, and music. Volume 1 includes numerousaudio plays by Joe Bevilacqua, J. C. Del La Torre, Ralph Tyler, WilliamMelillo, Alan Reed, Victor Gates, and many more!

A Joe Bev AudioTheater Sampler, Volume 2

Another beautifully produced anthology by award-winningactor, writer, producer, and director Joe Bevilacqua. Volume 2 includesnumerous audio plays by Joe Bevilacqua, Daws Butler, Mitchell Pearson, BobMartin, Pedro Pablo Sacristán, Alan Reed, and many more!

The All New "Lum &Abner" Comic Strips

Lum & Abner, the classic American network radio comedyshow, was created by Chester Lauck and Norris Goff and aired from 1931 to 1954.Now for the first time since 1954, veteran radio theater producer JoeBevilacqua and comic strip artist Donnie Pitchford bring you one hundred new"Lum & Abner" audio comic strips!

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March 15, 2014
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