The Curmudgeon's Guide to Getting Ahead

The Curmudgeon's Guide to Getting Ahead

de Charles Murray (Autor)
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In the bestsellingtradition of Eats, Shoots & Leaves, a gently curmudgeonly but invaluableguide to the dos and don'ts of the workplace

Bestselling social historian Charles Murray has written adelightfully fussy--and entertaining--book on the hidden rules of the road in theworkplace--and in life--from the standpoint of an admonishing, but encouraging, workplacegrouch and taskmaster. Why the curmudgeon? The fact is that most older, more seniorpeople in the workplace are closet curmudgeons. In today's politically correctworld, they may hide their displeasure over your misuse of grammar or youroverly familiar use of their first name without an express invitation. But don'tbe fooled by their pleasant demeanor. Underneath, they are judging andevaluating your every move and utterance. And in most cases, if you want toadvance in your career, it is their approval you need to win.

In the course of this pithy and powerful book, Murray tellsus the proper etiquette for email, how to stop using such overused and fuzzyphrases as "reaching out" and "sharing," his thoughts on piercings and tattoosand proper dress, the importance of rigor in language and good writing, whybeing judgmental is good, and other curmudgeonly pieces of wisdom and advice.He suggests how to stand out at work (work long hours when you are young andunencumbered by family and other obligations), when to use strong language andwhen to avoid it, and offers a bare-bones usage primer on how to avoidconfusing words like "advice" and "advise," which look or sound similar buthave distinct meanings.

Written with both verve and reserve and drawing on the corevalues that have historically made good manners the best lubricant to socialand professional advancement, The Curmudgeon's Guide to Getting Ahead is an invaluableresource for anyone hoping to land the job of their dreams--or get ahead intheir career of choice.

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