Reading Makes You Feel Good

Reading Makes You Feel Good

by Todd Parr (Author), Caroline Turner Cole (Narrateur)
Unlimited loans, 2 years, One at a time

Reading makes you feel good because...
You can imagine you are a scary dinosaur,

You can make someone feel better when they are sick,
And you can do it anywhere!

Reading Makes You Feel Good will inspire and encourage young children to delight in the joyful, rewarding experience of reading. Kids will learn that reading isn't something that just happens at school or at home-it can happen anywhere! Todd shows us all the fun ways we can read- from in the library and in bed to in the bathtub and on the road. Targeted to those first beginning to read, this audiobook invites children to listen to the main text as well as all the funny signs, labels, and hidden messages. 

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Publication date
December 29, 2020
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