Modern Romance December 2019 Books 1-4: The Greek's Surprise Christmas Bride (Conveniently Wed!) / The Queen's Baby Scandal / Proof of Their One-Night Passion / Secret Prince's Christmas Seduction (Mills & Boon e-Book Collections)

by Lynne Graham (Author), Maisey Yates (Author), Louise Fuller (Author), Carol Marinelli (Author)
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The Greek's Surprise Christmas Bride
Lynne Graham

Workaholic and billionaire Leo Romanos needs a convenient wife to look after his late sister’s children. To secure a business deal he offers to marry his business rival’s granddaughter. In need of money she can’t refuse, but will this business deal become more than convenience…

The Queen's Baby Scandal
Maisey Yates

Queen Astrid von Bjornland, under the guise of ‘Alice Steele’, seduces self-made billionaire Mauro Bianchi for the sole purpose of getting pregnant and secure her right to rule. When Mauro discovers her deception he proposes a marriage of convenience. But is he who he really says he is and will their deception turn into a very real love…

Proof of Their One-Night Passion
Louise Fuller
Billionaire Ragnar may have made is money through a dating app, but he is happily single himself. Until he meets Lottie Dawson. Unnerved by their intense chemistry he leaves. But when Lottie shows up with his daughter, suddenly there is someone he cannot just simply swipe out of his life. Nor does he want to.

Secret Prince's Christmas Seduction
Carol Marinelli

Antoinette caused great scandal when she did not turn up at the church to marry her second cousin. Since then she has been working as a chambermaid at the new resort in Silibri. But when a mysterious guest arrives she finds herself drawn to him, but is he who he says he is…?

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December 01, 2019
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