The Great Montgomery Crown

by Jeffrey Pinchard (Author), Danièle Coulombe (Author), Jean-François Brazeau (Illustrator)
55 loans, One at a time

You are about to read a compelling story in THREE ACTS in a HYBRID FORMAT.

Our eyes and brain are accustomed to today?s method of reading and communicating on a mobile device so you will get the hang of it quickly.

This film script provides a comprehensive gallery of illustrated characters, reads faster than a book and is great fun to scroll down in a reflowable layout.

Directors? sketches with notes that emphasize important storyline details are included to make the experience more entertaining.

Smart and witty, Valmi will engage you in her quest for the truth against all odds in a tight web of mysteries. Like a symphony the story opens with light notes and then strikes more reverberating tones to conclude in an orchestrated manner.

Imagine the action, ambience and multiple interiors and locations. Feel the emotions as you envision the final product -The Film.

Log line

Valmi, next in line to the throne, is instructed by her ancestors through a labyrinth of virtual adventures on how to become a successful queen. But can she resist the devilish charms of a dynastic rival with the perfect plan to take the throne for himself?

?Rivalry, Love, Allegiance, Treason, Coalitions, Betrayal, Leadership, Murder, Decadence, Epic battles, Revenge and a Ghost seeking redemption? Fortunes swing back and forth in these epic adventures of the Montgomery Kings.

A complex universe which builds layer upon layer of themes and stories, featuring flashbacks that trigger the imagination.

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Publication date
October 12, 2019
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