Get the Life You Want!: 101 Ways to Use Your Social IQ

26 Loans, One at a time

We’ve all heard of emotional intelligence – now find out about how to use your social IQ to make friends, influence people and succeed in life.

Originally published in 2000, this ebook is aimed at young, professional men and women who want to be successful. While Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence showed us that someone’s ability to understand and interpret emotions is a greater barometer of success than their native intelligence, this book which introduces Social IQ shows us that interpreting emotions is only part of the story: people also have to know how to act on them.

The book gives you 100 strategies to help you to find the right career and then to succeed in it to find happiness and wealth. Getting influential people on our side is vital for success and to know what you want is the first step. The book covers:

body language and behaviour in interviews and presentations and successful phone manner
• your style of clothes and what to wear when
• personal PR and making friends
• learning ways to stand out from the crowd
• developing socio-perceptive skills, including how to build charisma, self-awareness and empathy
which are the foundation of persuasive communication and social intelligence
• the power of reciprocation: if you scratch my back…

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Publication Date
May 30, 2019
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