What Do We Expect from Our Government?

by Beryl A. Radin (Editor), Joshua M. Chanin (Editor)
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What Do We Expect From Our Government? provides a glimpse at this set of developments by focusing on a number of policies, such as climate change, immigration, and terrorism, as well as governance processes such as oversight, elections and campaigns, and regulation. It highlights the role of research in public sector decision-making, the role of the academy, the relationship between economic imperatives and scientific information, and dealing with uncertainty and change. In addition, it includes attention to broader issues such as national economic and fiscal policies and strategies for assuring equity and access in programs.

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Alison Brooks (Collaborator), , Chanin, Joshua (Collaborator), , Dulio, David A. (Collaborator), , Edelman, Peter B. (Collaborator), , Fiorino, Daniel J. (Collaborator), , Girth, Amanda M. (Collaborator), , Harder, William L. (Collaborator), , Jasso, Guillermina (Collaborator), , LaFree, Gary (Collaborator), William M. LeoGrande (Collaborator), , Marvel, John D. (Collaborator), , Melberth, Rick (Collaborator), , Moult, Kelley (Collaborator), , Oleszek, Walter J. (Collaborator), , Resh, William G. (Collaborator), , Roosevelt, Jr., James (Collaborator), , Walker, David M. (Collaborator)
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July 10, 2012
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