Jailed for Freedom

by Doris Stevens (Author)

The 100th-anniversary edition of Jailed for Freedom. This first-person account of the courageous campaign of militant suffragists who fought with their lives for the right to vote is an inspiring and instructive example for a variety of social movements today that continue to seek justice and change.

Nevertheless they persisted. This is the courageous, true story of the mlitant suffragists who organized the first-ever, large-scale demonstrations and protests on Washing in America. During Woodrow Wilson's administration, the National Woman's Party organized and fought a fierce battle for the passage of the 19th Amendment with heroism, bravery, and militant vigilance. What makes this book so unique is that it is not a biography or historical reflection of women's suffrage, but a personal testimony from a suffragist who lived, fought, and persevered through it.

With depth and clarity, Doris Stevens details the bravery of the women who picketed daily outside the White House, opened themselves up to ridicule and physical violence, were arrested on no viable charges, jailed when they chose not to pay fines and were even beaten and force-fed when they went on hunger strikes. Including key players like Susan B. Anthony and Alice Paul, and accompanied with poignant, archival illustrations, Jailed for Freedom is a tribute to the women and acts it took the pass the 19th amendment, apropos of radical activism that is mobilizing in politics today.

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Angela P. Dodson (Introduction author)
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March 03, 2020
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