The Amalgamation Polka

by Stephen Wright (Author)

A Civil War novel unlike any other, the story of young man's journey through an America torn apart-it "will bring a smile to your lips as it sets your brain on fire." (Village Voice)

Born in 1844 in bucolic upstate New York, Liberty Fish is the son of fervent abolitionists and the grandson of Carolina slaveholders even more dedicated to their cause. Liberty escapes his home, first into war and then into a bedlam more disturbing still, in the hopes of reconciling the familial disunion.

Rich in characters both heartbreaking and bloodcurdling, The Amalgamation Polka is a vibrant display of literary achievement, showcasing not only the brutality of this tragic period in American history, but also the surprising compassion and hope of the era.

Instantly revelatory, constantly mesmerizing, this is the work of a major writer at the top of his form.

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Publication date
January 07, 2020