The Dare Collection February 2019: Her Guilty Secret (Guilty as Sin) / Stripped / Sweet as Sin / Getting Naughty

by Clare Connelly (Author), Nicola Marsh (Author), J. Margot Critch (Author), Avril Tremayne (Author)
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Introduce yourself to Mills & Boon’s sexiest series yet!

Her Guilty Secret by Clare Connelly

She's the good girl…He’s guilty as sin!

Hot-shot defense attorney and visiting professor, Connor Hughes is so hot it’s criminal! While idealistic law student Olivia Amorelli may not agree with his practices, she just can’t stop fantasizing about ripping Connor’s clothes off. But she’s always been the good girl, and an affair with her teacher is strictly forbidden—until Connor tempts Olivia to let him corrupt her…!

Stripped by Nicola Marsh

She wasn’t into bad boys. Until she met him…

Getting naked with reclusive billionaire Hart Rochester wasn’t part of Daisy Adler’s PR campaign. She’s on the stunning Whitsunday island to save his reputation, but after clashing with the infuriating, sexy CEO, a fling is the perfect way to burn off energy after hours…. As they strip each other bare, their desire only rages hotter – can a man with such a tortured soul ever be the partner she needs beyond the bedroom?

Sweet as Sin by J. Margot Critch

Forbidden fruit…always tastes sweeter!

Alex Fischer knows that his best friend’s little sister, Maria Martinez, is strictly off-limits. But she has his blood pounding when they share an intimate moment on a Vegas dance floor, and soon their illicit temptation turns into a passionate fling! If their secret gets out he’ll lose his best friend, and her family will be torn apart. How far are they willing to go for their forbidden romance?

Getting Naughty by Avril Tremayne

What’s the answer to a slow burn?

A super-hot fling!

High-flying US lawyer Teague Hamilton has always been way out of free-spirited Frankie’s league but she’s never hidden her desire to break down all of blue-blooded Teague’s barriers and corrupt him entirely!

When Teague accepts her proposal of a naughty-but-nice fling, she’s as surprised as he is. But will their hot two weeks be enough to quench a desire that’s been burning for ten long years?

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February 01, 2019
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