The Business of Cybersecurity

by Ashwini Sathnur (Author)
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Cyber security could be defined as, beginning of the concept of trust and belief in cyber transactions. The era of computing began in the 20th century, with an enormous investment on computational research. Software programing languages were the foundational blocks of history of computing. Progressive research then led to networking, bringing about the formation of connectivity. Along with these creations, there was an accompanying factor of compromise on data privacy and hacking of data. This factor was the introduction to cyber security.

This book is primarily created for the objective of knowledge sharing and knowledge-enabling on the conceptual ideologies of the cybersecurity. This book is aimed at students, early-career researchers, and also advanced researchers and professionals. The case studies described in the book create renewed knowledge on the innovations built on the applied theories of cybersecurity. These case studies focus on the financial markets and space technologies.

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May 07, 2019
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