Free Outgoing (NHB Modern Plays)

de Anupama Chandrasekhar (Auteur)
Prêts illimités, Un à la fois

A play that sets the rampant technology of the modern world against the conservatism of a traditional society. The British debut of a writer from Chennai, India.

When a well-behaved Indian girl is filmed with a boy in her classroom, the video clip spreads like a virus. Transmitted from person to person it infects firstly the local community and then seemingly the whole of India with a burning moral outrage.

Anupama Chandrasekhar's play Free Outgoing was first performed at the Royal Court Theatre, London, in 2007

'Chandrasekhar writes with both economy and power... remorselessly ratchets up the tension with each short, sharp painful scene' - Telegraph

'impressive... the play's importance is that it fills a gap in our knowledge - India seen not through sentimental or guilt-ridden colonial eyes, but as it really is: a nation torn between rapid advance and ethical conservatism' - Guardian

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17 mai 2019
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