by Rye Curtis (Author)

The lives of two women -- the sole survivor of a plane crash in the Montana wilderness and the troubled park ranger who leads the search for her -- intersect in this gripping novel of tough-minded resilience by a stunning new literary voice.

Ninety-two-year-old Cloris Waldrip, a native of west Texas and the sole survivor of a plane crash that happened twenty years earlier in Montana's Bitterroot Range, recounts her experience of the crash, from the loss of her husband to her desperate fight for her life in an inhospitable and unforgiving wilderness. Alternating chapters unfold the story of Debra Lewis, the troubled park ranger who leads the search party for Cloris. Ranger Lewis, an alcoholic and recent divorcée struggling against not only her disease but also her crippling loneliness, is galvanized by her mission to locate and save the victim of the crash.

In powerful, lyrical, and exquisitely spare prose, Rye Curtis tells the stories of two women who are both, in their own ways, lost and searching for salvation. Each must face the challenge set before her, but neither Cloris nor Ranger Lewis is alone. Ranger Lewis leads a disparate and motley group of rescuers whose Fargo-esque antics are touched by a bizarreness matched only by the means of Cloris's salvation, which comes from the mostly unlikely of allies.

Kingdomtide is a dramatic, morally complex story of the decency and surprising resilience of ordinary citizens faced with extraordinary circumstances, an inspiring tale with two unforgettable characters whose actions, both heroic and plain, remind us that survival is only the beginning.


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Publication date
January 14, 2020