Weirdbook #40

by Darrell Schweitzer (Author), Adrian Cole (Author)
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Weirdbook returns with another jam-packed issue full of great fantasy and horror tales! Included this time are:

• Iconoclasm, by Adrian Cole

• Have a Crappy Halloween, by Franklyn Searight

• Early Snow, by Samson Stormcrow Hayes

• The Dollhouse, by Glynn Owen Barrass

• Elle a Vu un Loup, by Loren Rhoads

• Bringing the Bodies Home, by Christian Riley

• Restored, by Marlane Quade Cook

• Nameless and Named, by David M. Hoenig

• Playing A Starring Role, by Paul Lubaczewski

• And the Living is Easy, by Mike Chinn

• The Prague Relic, by Paul StJohn Mackintosh

• The Circle, by Matt Sullivan

• Sanctuary, by John Linwood Grant

• The Giving of Gifts, by Matt Neil Hill

• The Santa Anna, by Jack Lothian

• The Dread Fishermen, by Kevin Henry

• Blind Vision, by Andrew Darlington

• The Thirteenth Step, by William Tea

• This Godless Apprenticeship, by Clint Smith

• Waiting, by John W. Dennehy

• Pouring Whiskey In My Soul, by Paul R. McNamee

• True Blue, by Darrell Schweitzer

• The Treadmill, by Rohit Sawant

• The Veiled Isle, by W. D. Clifton

• Gila King, by Jessica Amanda Salmonson (poem)

• Necro-Meretrix, by Frederick J. Mayer (poem)

• Grinning Moon, by Frederick J. Mayer (poem)

• The Burning Man, by Russ Parkhurst (poem)

• Silent Hours, by Russ Parkhurst (poem)

• The Old White Crone, by Maxwell I. Gold (poem)

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April 10, 2019
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