Heart, Sass & Soul

by Greta Solomon (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

Heart, Soul & Sass is a self-help book about using the practice of writing to create a fulfilling life. One that is rich, and full, and truly expresses who you are. It’s not about writing because you want to be a writer (although that may be true – in fact, you may already be an accomplished writer). Primarily, it’s about writing for both the joy of creative self-expression and the healing of heart and soul that can bring.
Carving out time so that you can be creative gives you access the liminal space. That’s the space between there and now, and the future. In that space, lies the magic of potential and possibility. Through creativity, you can remove yourself from the reality you currently find yourself in. For many people, this is a damaging rinse-and-repeat cycle of busyness and exhaustion. It enables you to unplug from the busyness of life, and choose another path. One that allows you to tackle loss and grief, and the darkness that can numb you out, if suppressed or ignored.
Creativity isn’t a product that you can buy. But it’s the missing piece of the wellness puzzle. If you want to improve your wellbeing, improve your creative expression. And life will look and feel better.
According to thebalance.com the top 10 kids’ dream jobs (in 2016) include being a dancer / choreographer, a musician and a writer. These creative yearnings don’t just go away. Writing is a secret fantasy for many, but it may not be something they practice regularly – if at all. But writing for creative self-expression is a different animal altogether. It’s a deeper form of transformative practice than simply getting your thoughts and feelings on the page.
Using personal stories, food for thought, writing exercises, challenges, tools, tips and techniques, this book gently guides the reader to experience her own creative breakthrough. And, in turn, help her to write her way to a fully-expressed life.
Heart, Soul & Sass is a call to action. A call to pick up a pen, brew a pot of tea and listen to what life is telling you. It’s a celebration of who you are, good and bad, and loving and accepting all of it.
On a practical level, it’s – of course – a guided course in writing from the heart and soul. But it’s one that you can dip in and out of. It aims to help you to uncover and recover your creativity, inner strength, self-love and the way forward for you. And if you want to be a 'better' writer, it will help you with that too. As you access your deeper levels of self-expression, your writing will begin to flow. It will feel fresher and more vibrant.

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Publication date
April 15, 2019