Using Tension as a Resource

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This book focuses on the tensions that emerge in teaching the English language arts methods course within teacher education programs. The book features chapters that grapple with the historical legacies of influence on methods/pedagogy as well as contemporary challenges in teaching methods courses alongside field experiences. Multiple perspectives from those involved in teaching methods courses within English language arts teacher education programs are presented as a way to dialogue about current and future challenges. Dialogue is sustained throughout the book, as each chapter includes an adjacent response that prompts readers to ask further questions about the chapter’s content. Content with the chapters in the book focus on describing a “tension” or “dilemma” that the author faced when teaching the middle/secondary ELA methods course or adjacent field experience. Discussion in the chapters’ responses highlights the importance of the field’s history and its present response to the tension featured. This book will be a useful resource to teacher educators who wish to investigate new approaches to dilemmas faced in teaching the methods class to pre-service teachers.

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April 16, 2019
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