Between Teaching and Caring in the Preschool

by John C. Pruit (Author)
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In Between Teaching and Caring in the Preschool, John C. Pruit argues that preschool teaching is more than a set of roles and duties tied to institutional expectations. Drawing on two years of ethnographic fieldwork, twenty-three interviews and countless conversations with preschool teachers, and analysis of preschool documents, Pruit opens the black box of the preschool to show the complexity of the preschool teacher identity as it unfolds in everyday practices of teaching and caring. His analysis of preschool teachers’ talk and interaction addresses pertinent sociological and early childhood education themes, including classroom management, social control, emotions, and identity construction. He demonstrates there is more going on in the preschool than teaching young children and caring for them. Through practices of classroom management and teaching language, preschool teachers socialize children into education contexts and exert social control in and through teaching practices. By managing emotions, preschool teachers also manage impressions of themselves and the preschool. He also shows how preschool teachers use resources like Montessori pedagogy and their lived experience to construct authenticity. Pruit concludes that institutions, such as ECE, shape identities within and away from the institution.

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November 15, 2018
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