Attachment, Play, and Authenticity

de Steven Tuber (Auteur)
Prêts illimités, Un à la fois

D.W. Winnicott’s work provides the underpinning for much of the empirical and clinical enterprises regarding the psychodynamic/developmental process over the past half-century. Using his most thought provoking clinical writings as its base, Attachment, Play and Authenticity provides a systematic construction of theory and clinical work.

In this new edition, each of the chapters provides analysis of both his clinical work and the transcripts of vignettes by beginning clinicians to highlight each of his theoretical contributions, such as: infant’s innate need to “create” its mother; false compliance to an unreliable mother in order to survive; dynamic dialectic; capacity for hate; role of play; creation of transitional phenomena; antisocial qualities in the human condition.

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9 janvier 2019
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