Civility Lost

by George A. Goens (Author)
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The United States is undergoing serious splintering that threatens, not only relationships, but also politics and society as a whole. Divisions are emphasized. Disagreements turn into name-calling and castigating. Issues are sharply painted in right or wrong, ethical and unethical, intelligent or unenlightened colors.

The country’s motto is E Pluribus Unum, out of many, one. Philosophy and principle, not force or fear, unite the country through ideals that celebrate the sovereignty and authority of all citizens.

Education has an essential role. An educated citizenry is essential to understand issues and engage in a rational and civil conversation about how to address them. Education must explore civil dialogue to bring people together and engage constructively about democratic principles and values.

This book explores principles and expectations for a democratic society, and how differences can be approached civilly to explore and define solutions. Citizens must engage in respectful conversations to build greater understanding. Differences are inevitable in democratic republic by its very nature. Civility is essential for citizens to engage in self-government.

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February 09, 2019
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