Tiger Woods's Back and Tommy John's Elbow

by Jonathan Gelber (Author)
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How has today’s society changed because of Sandy Koufax, Tom Brady, or Tiger Woods? How have courtrooms and the law changed because of the tragic loss of a No. 1 NBA Draft Pick and a NASCAR driver? And what effect did Magic Johnson’s announcement regarding his HIV diagnosis have on the NBA and testing across the nation?

Dr. Jonathan Gelber has compiled a list of impactful injuries and tragedies in Tiger Woods's Back and Tommy John’s Elbow: Injuries and Tragedies That Transformed Careers, Sports, and Society and the ripple effect they have had on players across several different sports and on society in general.

Among the athletes featured in this book are:

• Tommy John and how the surgery that bears his name may have led to a youth injury epidemic
• Dale Earnhardt and how his devastating crash led to new rules and safety concerns for NASCAR and changes in privacy laws
• Lyle Alzado and how the conversation on steroids was driven underground
• Len Bias and how his death shaped today's drug laws
• And many more!

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October 01, 2019
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