So You Think You're a Philadelphia Eagles Fan?

by Skip Clayton (Author)
26 loans, 1 years, One at a time

So You Think You’re a Philadelphia Eagles Fan? tests and expands your knowledge of The Birds. Rather than merely posing questions and providing answers, you’ll get details behind each—stories that bring to life players and coaches, games and seasons.

This book is divided into four parts, with progressively more difficult questions in each new section. The Rookie section contains the most basic questions. Next come the Starter and All-Pro sections, followed by the biggest challenge: the Hall of Fame.

Also, you’ll learn more about the great Eagles players and coaches of the past and present, including Norm Van Brocklin, Steve Van Buren, Pete Retzlaff, Bill Bergey, Dick Vermeil, Mike Quick, Jerome Brown, Randall Cunningham, Reggie White, and Carson Wentz. Some of the many questions that this book answers include:

  • What brothers were drafted by the Eagles in the first round?

  • When Donovan McNabb became the starting quarterback during the 1999 season, who did he replace?

  • Who was the first quarterback that the Eagles drafted that made the Hall of Fame?

  • Buck Shaw was hired as the Eagles coach in 1958 and was last Eagles coach to win the NFL championship. They interviewed an assistant coach before hiring Shaw and he later was voted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Who was he?

  • This book makes the perfect gift for any fan of Philadelphia football!

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    September 05, 2017
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