Mini Hacks for Pokémon GO Players: Combat

by Justin Ryan (Author)
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Pokémon GO has taken the world by storm, and now everyone can master the game by using the Mini Hacks book to play and fight! Mini Hacks for Pokémon GO Players: Combat focuses on the battling element to the game. Includes tips and techniques for capturing Pokémon, training them in a gym, and then using them to battle other trainers. Which is, of course, the object of the game.

Written for Pokémon GO players ages seven and up, this book is an unofficial hacker?s? guide to the game. The format follows our bestselling Hacks for Minecrafters books, only in a smaller, more convenient mini sizebut still contains the essential tricks and tips you need to become a Pokémon GO top level trainer!

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Publication date
October 04, 2016
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11 MB