A Big Birthday Hug

by Jennifer Kurani (Author), Valentina Jaskina (Illustrator)
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How can Turtle make his sad feeling go away?

Turtle has a sad feeling that won’t go away. Squirrel is happily gathering nuts, Bee is buzzing from flower to flower, and Rabbit is hopping around the carrot patch, but it doesn’t matter: Turtle just can’t shake his sad feeling! Even at his dad’s birthday celebration, Turtle is still feeling glum. What will it take to make Turtle feel right again?

This sweet story about a turtle who just wants to be happy will resonate with all children who have experienced one of those sad-and-not-sure-why days. With a gentle, reassuring message?sometimes you just need a hug!?A Big Birthday Hug is a great read-aloud book perfect for sharing with loved ones. The rhythmic text is simple but evocative, and Valentina Jaskina’s bright, lively illustrations bring the story to life.

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November 21, 2017
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