The Hurting Circus

by Paul O'Brien (Author)
Unlimited loans, 2 years, One at a time

The conclusion of the acclaimed trilogy in which professional wrestling meets Empire, called a one-of a kind literary offering for die-hard wrestling fans? (

It?s been twelve years since the New York wrestling territory was nearly burned to the ground. Twelve years since millions of dollars were lost because of a single bullet. Twelve years since Lenny Long last saw his family before being thrown in jail for killing Danno Garland. Now, Lenny has walked out of jail a changed man.

Back on the outside, things haven?t gotten any easier. Danno?s death has made the spotlight shine on the world of professional wrestling a little too brightly for the comfort of many. Senator Tanenbaum is leading the charge to shut the whole thing down, while the other wrestling bosses haven?t wasted any time in trying to consolidate their territories and grab new ones. But Danno?s old crew isn?t about to let the other promoters take what is rightfully theirs, at least not without a fight. And, try as he might to get home, Lenny?s role in it all isn?t over.

In this thrilling final chapter of Paul O?Brien?s gritty Blood Red Turns Dollar Green trilogy, it all comes down to Lenny. And twelve years is a long time to think and to plan.

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May 16, 2017
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