Around the World in 500 Festivals

by Steve Davey (Author)
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Thousands of festivals take place around the world every year. Some have cult followings with tickets that sell out instantlyforty thousand Burning Man tickets sold out in a manner of minutessome are thrown in little-known faraway placescities in Benin or San Marino.

In this unique volume, Steve Davey, author of the 300,000+ selling book Unforgettable Places to See Before You Die, has created the ultimate, unparalleled book on the subject, showcasing a whopping 500 festivals in 121 countriesfar and away more than any other book of its kind. To make it, he traveled the world, comprehensively researched its most dynamic events, and carefully selected the festivals with the most extraordinary highs, a life-affirming buzz.

The result is scene-setting descriptions and 270 complementary jaw-dropping photographscolorful images on every page. It?s an energetic celebration of events from Carnival in Rio to the Full Moon Party in Thailand, from the most brilliant Day of the Dead celebrations to the gooiest food fights, the most over-the-top costumes to the most daring displays of bravado.

For ease of reference, the festivals are organized by continent, by region, then alphabetically by country. With dates and locations, they?re made accessible to those looking to enhance upcoming trips and those looking for their next big adventure. The compilation is also an instant thrill for the armchair travelerimmediate access to the world?s most joyful events.

Around the World in 500 Festivals was published in a limited print-run in 2013. It?s now being given a comprehensive update and new packaginga thrilling new offering for readers looking to experience new places and cultures when they?re most alive.

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April 12, 2016
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