by Scott Kenemore (Author)
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From professional athletes like Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan to philosophers like Confucius, inspirational business books love to suggest that readers can succeed in business and in life by adopting the traits of their famous subjects. In Z.E.O. by Scott Kenemore, frustrated employees will finally find inspiration in a source they can already relate to: zombies! A guide for any Joe-lunchbox or aspiring-C.E.O., Z.E.O. illustrates how the lessons learned from zombies and zombie films can be appliedfrom the typing-pool to the boardroomto further a professional career, increase personal and corporate wealth, and harness the tools to personal success. Taking up where other business and personal finance books leave off, Z.E.O. provides nuts-and-bolts instructions for taking the inspirational aspects of zombies and adopting them to maximize your own personal effectiveness. Sure, you might have to knock a few headsand eat a few brainsalong the way, but that doesn?t stop a zombie. Why should it stop you?

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September 08, 2009
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