So You Think You're a New York Yankees Fan?

by Howie Karpin (Author)
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So You Think You’re a New York Yankees Fan? tests and expands your knowledge of Yankee baseball. Rather than merely posing questions and providing answers, you’ll get details behind each?stories that bring to life players and coaches, games and seasons.

This book is divided into multiple parts, with progressively more difficult questions in each new section. Along the way, you’ll learn more about the great Yankee players and coaches of the past and present, from Babe Ruth to Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, Billy Martin, Catfish Hunter, Reggie Jackson, Goose Gossage, Ron Guidry, Don Mattingly, Dave Winfield, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Mark Texiera and so many more. Some of the many questions that this book answers include:

  • How many times had the Yankees been to the World Series before acquiring Babe Ruth from the Red Sox?
  • Who was the Yankee outfielder who was nicknamed “Ol’ Reliable”?
  • Who did the Yankees trade to the Cincinnati Reds in November of 1992 to acquire outfielder Paul O’Neill?
  • Which two players have hit walk off, pennant-winning home runs in Yankee history?
  • The longest game in Yankee history lasted how many innings?

    This book makes the perfect gift for any fan of the Bombers!

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