Tales from the Couch

by Bob Wendorf (Author)
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Tales from the Couch is collection of actual case studies and a primer on psychopathology, as well as a captivating reflection on the human condition. Drawn from Dr. Bob Wendorf?s thirty-six-year career years as a clinical psychologist, the book examines the lives of some of his most troubled patients, in a project that aims to both educate and fascinate the reader. Clinical syndromes are described and dramatized by real-life case examples (altered only as necessary to protect patient confidentiality).

Each of the sixteen chapters focuses on a particular psychiatric diagnosis, including Multiple Personality Disorder, Asperger?s, and ADD. The clinical picture and symptoms are described and explained, then brought to life by case examples taken from the author?s practice. Dr. Wendorf presents the cases as a series of narrativessome dramatic, some humorous, most quite poignant. Along the way, the author offers his own reactions to the people and events described here and application to the general human condition as well.

Tales from the Couch offers compelling stories of extraordinary people, clinical conditions, and eventsboth in and out of the therapy hourwhile providing insights into the nature of human beings, mental illness, and the psychotherapeutic enterprise.

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November 24, 2015
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