by Jessica Duchen (Author)
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A 21st-century twist on the familiar story of Swan LakeMeeting Odette shows – in the best tradition of Christmas fairy-tales – how even against the greatest odds innocence, empathy, humanity and hope can win the day. When a swan crashes through Mitzi Fairweather’s front window during a winter storm, the shocked young journalist decides to tend the injured bird overnight. But this is no ordinary swan. At sundown, she turns into a human being… This startling visitor is Odette, the enchanted swan princess – and her presence lands Mitzi with some bizarre decisions. Odette is charming, talented and full of joie de vivre, yet with nothing but her dress, no understanding of the modern world and no way to go home, she is totally dependent on the kindness of strangers she encounters here in the university town of Cygnford. Doomed to be a swan by day and a woman by night, she remains convinced – to Mitzi’s distress – that only a man’s sworn eternal love can break her spell. As Mitzi and Odette try to hide the improbable truth, their web of deception grows ever more tangled. Mitzi’s brother takes Odette for a sofa-surfing refugee, and Cyngford’s attitude to a homeless stranger is not always welcoming. But while winter grows colder and Mitzi increasingly shares Odette’s plight, perhaps the swan princess’s freedom doesn’t lie quite where anybody expects.

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Publication Date
November 29, 2018