The Faith-Filled Grandmother

by Teresa Kindred (Author)
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A prayerful guidebook and spiritual resource for the modern-day Nana

Grandmothers, with their lifetime of experience, have more wisdom than anyone since Solomon. Nanas, simply put, have a hotline to God! But how can she fulfill her role as a godly grandma today? The modern-day grandmother faces challenges that were unheard of a few decades ago, with the Internet at our fingertips, daily advances in technology, and evolving family structures and traditions. How can she leave her spiritual legacy as mentor and counselor?

The Faith-Filled Grandmother provides a spiritual blueprint to help reverse, or at best mitigate, the impact of a transient society, fragmented families, and strained relationships, all while sustaining godly Christian traditions that many say is lacking in today’s families. Writing with grace, humor, and insight, Teresa Kindred tackles Nana’s modern-day hopes and fears and provides strategies to handle topics like:

  • Being a long-distance grandparent
  • Navigating difficult relationships with adult children
  • Keeping your children spiritually focused in a material world
  • The physical challenges of being a grandmother
  • Raising your grandchildren as a primary caregiver
  • Multigenerational families under the same roof
  • And more!
With accompanying scriptures, devotions, and prayers, The Faith-Filled Grandmother will inspire, empower, and relay God’s promises to a new generation of grandmothers—from fearful first-time nanas to seasoned grandmothers—as well as new parents and women’s ministry pastors. A grandmother’s wisdom will never go out of fashion!

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April 02, 2019
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