College Admissions Cracked

by Jill Margaret Shulman (Author)

How to help your kid navigate the college admissions process from beginning to end, girlfriend's-guide style

So, your child is a high school junior. You've known for a long time this day would come. You've heard other parents with kids older than yours whisper the word "college" like it was a terminal disease. The process of weathering and conquering the college admissions process with a teenager is a daunting affair. Maybe even the thought of it is daunting for you; maybe not. Regardless, very soon, advice (solicited or otherwise) will pour in through friends, your child's guidance counselor, and your mother's neighbor's cousin, if it hasn't begun trickling in already.

Take a deep breath. Jill Margaret Shulman is here to help. With decades of experience as a College Essay Coach, College Admissions Evaluator, and College Writing Instructor, she's successfully guided hundreds of students -- including two of her own children -- through the transition from high school to college.

Drawing on her own expertise, as well as adolescent psychologists, guidance counselors, and other parents and students who have survived college admissions, she'll take you through the nitty gritty of the entire process -- from the fall of junior year to the first day of college -- all while helping you maintain your strength, sanity, and sense of humor.

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August 06, 2019
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