HBR Guide to Your Professional Growth

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The Guide to directing your own professional growth: from identifying your strengths and weaknesses, to setting goals, to identifying training opportunities, to finding a learning community.

  • Helps readers chart their own professional development path
  • Helps readers identify their strengths and weaknesses
  • Helps readers close the gap between their current selves and their ideal future selves
  • Helps readers make progress toward their professional goals
  • Readers will learn to evaluate their capabilities, collect and identify patterns and themes in feedback from peers and managers, visualize and make concrete their future self, and create and follow a roadmap for making their goals reality

Audience: Motivated new and mid-career professionals who are looking to learn more, do more, and be more. Also people who freelance, people who work in small organizations without an established talent development program, or people with checked-out/hands-off bosses or HR departments.

Announced first printing: 20,000
Laydown goal: 6,000

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26 mars 2019
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