Korean Communication, Media, and Culture

by Kyu Ho Youm (Editor), Nojin Kwak (Editor)
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Korean Communication, Media, and Culture is a bibliography of English-language publications for non-Korean-speaking academics, researchers, and professionals. In addition to the actual annotations of all the major books, book chapters, journal articles, and theses/dissertations, each chapter includes contextual introductory commentary on its topic. The authors not only historicize their findings but they also prescribe the direction that English-language research on Korean communication should take.

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Eyun-Jung Ki (Afterword author), Seungahn Nah (Afterword author), Charles R. Berger (Introduction author), Kyu Ho Youm (Collaborator), Nojin Kwak (Collaborator), Yoonmo Sang (Collaborator), Ahran Park (Collaborator), Seok Kang (Collaborator), Seungahn Nah (Collaborator), Matthew A. Shapiro (Collaborator), Hun Shik Kim (Collaborator), John C. Carpenter (Collaborator), Namkee Park (Collaborator), Seungyoon Lee (Collaborator), Jae Eun Chung (Collaborator), Hye-ryeon Lee (Collaborator), Hye-Jin Paek (Collaborator), Minsun Shim (Collaborator), Peter J. Schulz (Collaborator), Jacqueline Hitchon (Collaborator), Jae-Hwa Shin (Collaborator), Eyun-Jung Ki (Collaborator), Arunima Krishna (Collaborator), Min-Sun Kim (Collaborator), Yongick Jeong (Collaborator), Akira Miyahara (Collaborator), Dal Yong Jin (Collaborator), Ju Oak Kim (Collaborator), Dong Hoon Kim (Collaborator), Hye Seung Chung (Collaborator), Ji-yoon An (Collaborator), N. Trace Cabot (Collaborator), Chang Dae Ham (Collaborator)
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August 31, 2018
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