Grizzly Peak

by Gene Brockhoff (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

Great stories are often built on the construction of the following five elements: 1) Have a character. 2) A character who wants or dreams of achieving something. 3) One or more obstacles stand in the character’s way of what they want. 4) How did the character maneuver around the obstacles? 5) Did the character succeed or fail in their endeavor?

But what if obstacles appeared before the dreams developed?

Oakland, Ca. Three brothers. Nine Felonies. Mangy dogs. Crashed cars. Paranoid delusions. A weaponized packet of mayonnaise. Maniacal acid freak-outs. Polyester Players. Squeaky steered his brothers Gene and Joe away from any chance at a normal life. By the time vapid materialism came to define the 80's, the three of them were living out a virtual Metallica mosh-pit. Then one brother turned up missing, and was presumed murdered.

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Publication date
July 10, 2018