Raising Rabbits for Meat

Raising Rabbits for Meat

by Eric Rapp (Author), Callene Rapp (Author)
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  • Rabbits are one of the most sustainable, nutritious meat sources available

  • This book provides the basic information to begin a home rabbitry, whether as a source of food for the family or a market product

  • Raising Rabbits for Meat contains information on the history of the domestic rabbit, breeding, housing, and harvesting, and provides the tools to help you succeed

  • Rabbits are quiet, thus able to be raised in a variety of locations, and with proper management, can succeed in a variety of climates

  • Rabbits require less space and infrastructure than many other species of livestock, and can provide a steady source of meat for a family

  • Callene is the Senior Zookeeper, Children’s Farms, Sedgwick County Zoo and writes for Grit Magazine

  • Eric is the owner/operator of the Rare Hare Barn, the largest heritage- breed meat rabbit enterprise in the country

  • Eric and Callene won the 2011 Bixby-Sponenberg Conservation Award for their work with heritage rabbits and both are involved in The Livestock Conservancy

  • Intended audience: People wanting to start a small rabbitry for home use; people wanting to market a few fryers to supplement income, homesteaders, DIYers

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October 30, 2018
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