Tech Boss Lady

by Andrea Gascoigne (Author)

The founder of Girls in Tech offers first-hand accounts of the realities of startup life, with the very best advice from top women entrepreneurs

The facts are these: Only 6% of VC firms have female partners, and even when pitches are identical, an all-male startup team is 40% more likely to get funded than a team with even one woman in a leadership position. So what's a woman with a new venture idea to do?
In Tech Boss Lady, Girls in Tech founder Adriana Gascoigne distills everything she's learned via her own experiences and those of her high powered friends into one easy to use guidebook for any woman looking to launch a startup or crack into tech. Gascoigne calls on her global network of fellow female entrepreneurs to tell their extraordinary stories and pass along their wisdom. She tackles topics such as: failure, pitching, confidence, branding, loneliness, innovation, harassment, intrapreneurship, partners and everything else a soon-to-be Boss Lady needs to know. And Gascoigne does it with a casual, easy to read voice that gives readers the sense that they're being guided through these tough topics with a very smart and well connected friend.

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Publication Date
June 04, 2019
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