The Addiction Manifesto

de Jerry Weaver (Auteur)
Prêts illimités, Un à la fois

We cannot deny the pure devastation that drugs and alcohol have done on our lives. Addiction wants our soul's after it has used and abused us. We can all admit the destruction, madness and isolation we have felt inside. Sobriety gives us a chance and a strong Recovery program gives us another opportunity at living a life. I started writing The Addiction Manifesto as my own person journal to keep me sober, it reminded me of the tricks that my addiction would play on me that would always lead me back to relapse. This book will help you identify the self destructive patterns of the addiction matrix and will help you stay focused on your recovery. If you like the book please remember to leave feedback and tell your friends. Thank you and good luck.

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Date de publication
22 juin 2018