Supervision and Management

by Marie Keen Shaw (Author), Hali R. Keeler (Author)
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Many library support staff (LSS) who do not have management training will assume supervisory roles in library services during their careers. This book is written to help LSS understand, support, and apply the basic principles of library supervision and management in their work on the topics of regulations and bylaws hiring, staff performance expectations, leadership and professional learning. Readers will learn how to engage in effective decision-making and participate in productive library meetings. The importance of library policies, and procedures are explained through many practical examples.

The scope of the book addresses many different aspects and examples of library management and how LSS can seek supportive roles to enhance library services and programs. Chapters are written on these topics:

  • Basic regulations and bylaws
  • Principles of management
  • Hiring
  • Staff performance expectations
  • Leadership, professional learning
  • Library policies and procedures
The book also addresses budget, fundraising and grants, partnerships, community demographics, marketing, goal management, customer service, conducting meetings, and effective decision-making. This book is aligned with the revised ALA- LSSC competency standards for management and supervision, and may be used as a textbook by instructors of Library Science programs or as a reference manual for library support staff who are learning on the job about the ever changing environment of working with others.

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Publication date
September 14, 2018
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