Psychology Graduate School

by Steven R. Smith (Author)
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Psychology Graduate School: A User’s Manual is a user-friendly description of what graduate study in clinical, counseling, and school psychology is really like. Rather than a mere how-to, this book describes the nitty-gritty of the graduate student experience in an casual style so that you will be prepared and successful. Written by an experienced graduate school professor, this book cuts to the heart of what you’ll experience as a graduate student (good, bad, and otherwise). Topics include dealing with imposter syndrome, understanding faculty, starting clinical work, applying for internship, celebrating milestones, and crafting a professional narrative. Equal parts inspirational and instructive, the author cuts to the chase about how to deftly navigate the system while keeping your wits about you. Punctuated by quotes and stories from graduate students from all over the country, this readable and enjoyable text will be of interest to students in graduate school and those looking forward to graduate school. This book will be of interest to students currently in graduate school and those anticipating graduate study.

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Publication Date
September 14, 2018
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