My Smile is my Super Power

by Glenn Stucki (Author)
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Great Smile, Great Life

At the age of 11, Glenn Stucki suffered a traumatic brain injury from a boating accident that left him in a coma for weeks. After years of rehabilitation, Glenn emerged as one of the most remarkable people you’ll ever meet. How did he do it? In this book, Glenn recounts how The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People help him overcome the challenges of his life and how these timeless, universal principles enable greatness in all people regardless of disabilities. Glen divides the seven habits into the following three categories: the private victory, the public victory, and the renewal.

The Private Victory:

 The first three habits are all about you, conquering your personal battles, and taking charge of own thoughts. In this book, you will find how to banish negative thoughts and turn them into something powerful and beneficial.

The Public Victory:

The next four habits are all about your relationships with other people and learning that working together is better than working alone.


The last habit is about taking care of yourself and ensuring you have balance and stability in your life.

My Smile is My Super Power inspires you to set goals and not let life slip away.  This book will not only show you how to keep a smile on your face, but you will want to spread that smile and make other people grin ear to ear.

In this book, readers will find:

  • Insight on overcoming adversity, specifically challenges with disabilities
  • Prescriptive tips on how to change your mindset and start living a happy and purposeful life
  • By spreading joy, happiness, and love you will make the biggest difference in the world

Book details

Publication date
September 15, 2018