Super Jake & the King of Chaos

by Naomi Milliner (Author)

A debut contemporary novel about 11-year-old Ethan who dreams of becoming a famous magician and the lessons that he learns about faith, love, courage, and true magic from his special needs brother.

Ethan loves magic and dreams of being a professional magician one day. The only thing that he loves more is his family, especially his baby brother, Jake, who was born with a neurological disorder that has left him unable to talk or move around on his own. Sometimes life is a little stressful with his parents, little brother, grandparents, and a whole community of specialists and therapists trying to help Jake, but Ethan wouldn't have it any other way. That is until Jake suddenly gets really sick and Ethan's dream of winning a magic competition and performing with his hero, Magnus the Magnificent, are pushed aside. As Ethan struggles with his inability to help his baby brother and his newfound responsibilities, he learns with the help of his family, Jake, and their community that love and hope might be the greatest magic of all.

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Publication Date
May 07, 2019
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