Public Library Administration Transformed

by Karen Starr (Author), Patrick Ragains (Author)
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Public libraries have historically faced challenges as viable units in local government. As society struggles with issues related to the scope and effectiveness of government, librarians must ask, “How and why will communities support public libraries in the 21st century?” This book covers public library administration in a comprehensive and detailed manner

Chapters cover:

  • administrative functions of the library
  • public finance
  • administrative law
  • library governance
  • human resources
  • leadership
  • strategic planning
  • program management and evaluation
  • marketing and public relations
  • intergovernmental relations
  • cooperative government

The discipline of public administration develops skills that are vital to successful libraries. Grounded in the context of public administration, this book provides a framework for future library services, focusing on effective public sector skills, organizational and service innovation, information technology, readers, and the full range of library constituents.

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Publication date
September 15, 2018
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