Managing soil health for sustainable agriculture Volume 2

by Dr Don Reicosky (Editor)

There has been growing concern that both intensive agriculture in the developed world and rapid expansion of crop cultivation in developing countries is damaging the health of soils which are the foundation of farming. At the same time we are discovering much more about how complex soils are as living biological systems. This volume reviews the latest research on soil monitoring and management.

Part 1 starts by reviewing soil classification, sampling and ways of monitoring soil dynamics. Part 2 surveys key techniques for managing soil, from irrigation and fertiliser use to crop rotations, intercropping and cover crops. The final part of the book discusses ways of supporting smallholders in maintaining soil health in regions such as Africa, Asia and South America.

With its distinguished editor and international team of expert authors, this will be a standard reference for soil scientists and agronomists as well as the farming community and government agencies responsible for monitoring soil health. It is accompanied by a companion volume looking at developments in soil science.

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Dr Brian K. Slater (Collaborator), Dr Skye Wills (Collaborator), Dr Stephen Roecker (Collaborator), Dr Candiss Williams (Collaborator), Dr Brian Murphy (Collaborator), Dr A. Fortuna (Collaborator), Dr A. Bhowmik (Collaborator), Dr A. Bary (Collaborator), Dr C. Cogger (Collaborator), Dr Santanu Bakshi (Collaborator), Dr Chumki Banik (Collaborator), Dr Zhenli He (Collaborator), Dr Eleanor E. Campbell (Collaborator), Dr John L. Field (Collaborator), Professor Keith Paustian (Collaborator), Prof. Jeffrey Strock (Collaborator), Dr Jeffrey Peter Mitchell (Collaborator), Dr Howard Ferris (Collaborator), Dr Anil Shrestha (Collaborator), Dr Francis J. Larney (Collaborator), Dr Garrison Sposito (Collaborator), Dr Gilbert G. Sigua (Collaborator), Dr Robert L. Myers (Collaborator), Prof. Bijay Singh (Collaborator), Prof. Robert J. Kremer (Collaborator), Dr Humburto Blanco-Canqui (Collaborator), Dr David Guerena (Collaborator), Dr A. O. Ogunkunle (Collaborator), Prof V. O. Chude (Collaborator), Prof. Minggang Xu (Collaborator), Dr Wenju Zhang (Collaborator), Dr Zejiang Cai (Collaborator), Dr Shaoming Huang (Collaborator), Dr Ping Zhu (Collaborator), Dr Ieda C. Mendes (Collaborator), Dr Cássio A. Tormena (Collaborator), Dr Maurício R. Cherubin (Collaborator), Dr Douglas L. Karlen (Collaborator), Dr Pandi Zdruli (Collaborator), Dr Claudio Zucca (Collaborator)
Publication date
August 06, 2018
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