Improving grassland and pasture management in temperate agriculture

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  • Assesses latest research on how grasslands function 
  • Surveys best practice in sustainable grassland management 
  • Considers wider aspects of sustainability such as ecosystem services and biodiversity

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Dr O. Huguenin-Elie (Collaborator), Dr L. Delaby (Collaborator), Dr K. Klumpp (Collaborator), Dr S. Lemauviel-Lavenant (Collaborator), Dr J. Ryschawy (Collaborator), Dr R. Sabatier (Collaborator), Prof. Michael R. F. Lee (Collaborator), Dr M. Jordana Rivero (Collaborator), Dr John W. Cone (Collaborator), Dr D. F. Chapman (Collaborator), Dr W. M. Griffiths (Collaborator), Dr Richard Kipling (Collaborator), Dr Lilian Elgalise Techio Pereira (Collaborator), Dr Sila Carneiro da Silva (Collaborator), Dr Cory Matthew (Collaborator), Dr Ignacio F. López (Collaborator), Dr André Fischer Sbrissia (Collaborator), Dr F. Ortega (Collaborator), Dr L. Inostroza (Collaborator), Dr C. Moscoso (Collaborator), Dr L. Parra (Collaborator), Dr A. Quiroz (Collaborator), Dr D. R. Woodfield (Collaborator), Dr H. G. Judson (Collaborator), Dr Deirdre Hennessy (Collaborator), Prof. David Hannaway (Collaborator), Dr Linda J. Brewer (Collaborator), Dr Steve Fransen (Collaborator), Dr Glenn Shewmaker (Collaborator), Dr Shannon Williams (Collaborator), Dr Sarah Baker (Collaborator), Dr Michael Wachendorf (Collaborator), Prof. D. Barker (Collaborator), Dr Jean L. Steiner (Collaborator), Dr Pradeep Wagle (Collaborator), Dr Prasanna Gowda (Collaborator), Dr Graeme W. Bourdôt (Collaborator), Dr Michael G. Cripps (Collaborator), Prof. Llewellyn L. Manske (Collaborator), Dr J. L. Peyraud (Collaborator), Dr R. Delagarde (Collaborator), Prof. J. Isselstein (Collaborator), Prof. Pekka Huhtanen (Collaborator), Dr Ulrich Thumm (Collaborator), Dr Thomas F. Döring (Collaborator), Prof. Ulrich Köpke (Collaborator)
Publication date
July 27, 2018
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