Words That Make Pictures

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Journalism has never been more vibrant. Set free from the limitations of paper, the multimedia journalist is a creator and packager of video, audio, graphics and archive film, bringing to life exciting stories in a digital world. Yet the power of the written feature remains unchallenged, offering a bright career for the journalist who can capture mood and atmosphere, turn a memorable phrase and coin an evocative headline. In Words That Make Pictures, experienced journalist and editor Peter Grayling Jackson employs a unique hallmarking system of coding to identify the four basic elements of construction common to successful story-telling both online and on paper: V Visuals; I Information; S Sounds; A Action. Analysing the work of more than fifty leading journalists, this practical guide demonstrates how the VISA elements can be most effectively deployed for the written feature to make it every bit as compelling as the multi-stranded offerings online. "Words That Make Pictures reminds us that journalists are first and foremost storytellers. This ground-breaking book makes a compelling case for the vital importance of words." Dr Karen Fowler-Watt, Head of the School of Journalism, English and Communication, Bournemouth University .Peter Grayling Jackson is an experienced journalist and editor and has worked at every level of journalism.

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August 23, 2018
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