Libra: Rhiann and Myrchas

de Kathleen Flynn (Auteur)

Bronze Age Anglesey, The Island of Women. Men obey an elite band of warrior-priestesses, according to the ancient Lore of their Sky-Queen Goddess. But this matriarchy is under threat, the balance of power looks set to tip.

Rhiann, daughter of the high priestess, has led a rebellion, challenging the ruling that women and men must live apart. Awaiting execution at her mother’s hands, her only hope is Myrchas. Can they escape and create a society where love and justice prevail? Or will invaders, in their raven-sailed ships, bring patriarchy to this land of the sacred feminine?

Libra is an enchanting tale that delves deep into our assumptions about our ancestors; a radical yet romantic perspective to energise modern feminists.

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Date de publication
27 juillet 2018
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