OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Peru 2017

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The Environmental Performance Review programme of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) provides independent assessments of countries’ progress in achieving their domestic and international environmental policy commitments, together with policy-relevant recommendations. The reviews are conducted to promote peer learning, enhance governments’ accountability to each other and to the public, and to improve countries’ environmental performance, individually and collectively. The OECD has been conducting these reviews since 1992, supported by a broad range of economic and environmental data. Each cycle of the Environmental Performance Reviews covers all OECD member countries and selected partner countries. The most recent reviews include: Colombia (2014), Spain (2015), Brazil (2015) and Chile (2016). The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) has promoted environmental reviews in Latin America and the Caribbean, in cooperation with the OECD, and has undertaken similar assessments in the states of Amazonas and Acre in Brazil.

Part I. Progress toward sustainable development

Chapter 1. Background and key environmental trends

Chapter 2. Policy-making environment

Chapter 3. Economy and the environment

Chapter 4. Society and environment

Chapter 5. International co-operation and commitments

Part II. Environmental quality of life

Chapter 6. Air quality management

Chapter 7. Management of waste and chemicals

Chapter 8. Water resources

Chapter 9. Biodiversity

Part III. Use of natural resources base

Chapter 10. Farming and forestry

Chapter 11. Fisheries

Chapter 12. Mining sector

Annex I: Selected Data

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